Mother Nature has not gone easy on us for this year's Shaw's Polar Dip...a spring snowstorm (hopefully the last of the season) is headed our way, forcing plans to change yet again for the 2017 Shaw's Polar Dip to benefit Maine Children's Cancer Program.

However, children are still fighting cancer, regardless of the weather, and so it is with pleasure that we announce the 2017 Shaw's "Virtual" Polar Dip!

Instead of asking everyone to drive to Sebago Lake in a snowstorm, we are asking participants to show their bravery in another way of their choosing, at home or close to home, using resources  nearby while making the most of the polar conditions expected for Saturday!

We challenge you to show your bravery in the face of an April snowstorm, to document it in photos or on video, and to post it on the MCCP Facebook event page. Here are a few things that we had in mind:

  • If you live close to the ocean, go for a polar swim
  • Maybe you're near the sledding hill; make like a penguin and slide down on your belly
  • Some might be on shovel duty; shovel in your bare feet
  • If you were planning to jump in your bathing suit, make a snow angel in your suit instead!

We are counting on you to come up with a creative way to honor the courageous fighters that rely on MCCP and its world class cancer care. Feel free to gather your teammates or participate as an individual - either way, we can't wait to see just how brave (and creative) you are! Our goal is to create a compilation of all submissions to share with the patients at MCCP, so that your bravery will inspire them to continue to be brave.

The Shaw's Polar Dip is made possible by the Sebago Lake Rotary Club, Shaw's Supermarket, and enthusiastic participants and supporters like you!

Participating in the 2017 Shaw's "Virtual" Polar Dip requires bravery - and so does fighting cancer when you’re just a kid. Please join us in honoring the bravery of kids with cancer receiving treatment at MCCP, and help support the world-class cancer care provided there.